Month Clubs For Men

Month Clubs For Men

It is often difficult to think of gift ideas for a man, whether it’s his birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or Father’s Day. The easy answer is: food! Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

What man wouldn’t enjoy a selection of gourmet goodies arriving automatically, especially if you buy him a 3, 6 or 12 month food subscription to Gourmet Food Clubs. It’s convenient to order and becomes “a gift that keeps on giving.” Prices include shipping and there is a 100% Customer Service Satisfaction Guarantee.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

Bacon of the Month Club


gfc bacon

Imagine his delight when he receives two packages of different varieties of gourmet bacon once a month! His taste buds will be salivating when he tries flavors such as Apple Cinnamon, Jalapeno, Maple, Honey BBQ, Cajun, Vanilla Bourbon, Cracked Pepper, Sun-Dried Tomato as well as the traditional Hickory Smoked.

This best bacon on the market is chosen from those cured in a traditional method, never injected with water so it won’t splatter and shrink. Each piece is hand rubbed with a variety of spice blends, and then shipped in a secure and safe box with gel packs to guarantee freshness and delicious flavor.

Jerky of the Month Club

Jerky of the Month
Jerky of the Month

He’ll receive three months of healthy, natural, high-protein jerky in a variety of flavors and meats. These smoked, dried strips are marinated and smoked overnight for a delicious snack or meal on-the-go. You can choose from either 1-2 two-ounce bags each month.

Savory and bold flavors with a different meat and flavor variety every month include Smoked Alaskan Salmon, traditional Beef or Pork, Garlic Pepper, Bacon, BBQ, Teriyaki and others.

Wine Gifts: Zinfandel of the Month Club

Wine Gifts: Zinfandel of the Month Club


Everyone loves wine. Sitting down with a glass of wine to relax and unwind at the end of the day… that’s the perfect way to spend an evening. Wouldn’t it be great to gift someone with new wine each month? Wouldn’t you love to surprise someone with such a thoughtful gift?

With Gourmet Food Club’s Zinfandel of the Month Club subscription, you will be giving a gift that is meaningful and useful. The recipient will receive quality wines from areas known for the quality of their wines like Santa Barbara and Paso Robles. You will really make someone’s day when you gift them with this subscription, and shipping is included in the price.

Whether you are buying for a friend, family member, or your husband or wife, this gift subscription makes the perfect gift. Whether you are shopping for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, the gift of wine is a great choice that will definitely please the lucky recipient. Show your friends and family just how much you care with the gift of a Zinfandel of the Month Club.

Steak of the Month Club

Prime Steak

Are you searching for a great gift for someone who loves gourmet food? How about the friend who prides themselves on being a carnivore? Is your family member a big fan of cooking, and of delicious, top-quality steaks?

With the Steak of the Month Club, the person who you give the subscription will receive a variety of amazing steaks each month, and their mouth will be watering as they cook up these tasty cuts of beef. The steaks you will receive are top 1% Prime steaks which means you will receive only the very best. You’ll even receive a jar of sauce or rub to perfect your meal. Varieties of steaks they will receive include filet, rib eye, and strip loin.

Whatever the occasion for giving this gift, it is sure to be received with a big smile. Purchase this for someone today and you will make their day – more than once! They will be thanking you every time they receive a shipment of new steaks, and, if they’re feeling generous, they just might invite you over to try one. That expensive steak dinner out is no longer necessary with this gift that lets you enjoy gourmet steak night in the comfort of your own home.

Rib of the Month Club For That Special Guy

Honey - Garlic - Plumbed Ribs
Are you on a search for the perfect gift for your father, father-in-law or husband for Father’s day? Do you want to give that special man a present that shows him just how much me means to you, something unique that he will know you put a lot of time and effort into finding?

The Rib of the Month Club is the perfect gift for any man who loves grilling and delicious, homemade BBQ. With this subscription, he will receive high-quality ribs and a bottle of barbecue sauce or gourmet rub to go along with it! Let your guy go gourmet and have a great time at the grill or in the kitchen. He will love this unique gift that make the old motto ring true: the way to a man’s heart IS through his stomach!

This is the perfect gift for any other occasion when you would like to show the special man in your life how great he really is. He is going to know how much you care for him when you give him a gift this tasty. Why go out for BBQ when you can have high quality barbecue in the comfort of your own home? Shipping is included in the price so you only pay once and then enjoy the future shipments of delicious ribs!

Go Nuts for the Pistachio of the Month Club


It’s hard to always find the right gift for every person on your gift list, especially when you are searching for special presents that they will love. The Pistachio of the Month Club is the ultimate, most delicious gift that you could give to any nut lover! The present is tasty and unique, and it will have the special person on your gift list bragging you up as someone who shops for truly great gifts.

Give this amazing subscription for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, a birthday gift, or anything in-between. Give a friend or family member the gift of a healthy, gourmet food snack.

The receiver will get one or two bags of gourmet pistachios each month in a variety of flavors like garlic, salted and smoky pistachios. This snack is not only unique and tasty, but it is also healthy and convenient, and anyone who receives it is going to love it—and love you for giving it to them!

Cabernet Sauvignon of the Month Club


Are you searching for the perfect gift for someone who loves to relax at night with a glass of quality wine? Do you need the perfect gift for someone you know and love, for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, their birthday or some other occasion? If so, look no further than this!

The Cabernet Sauvignon of the Month Club is the perfect gift for any wine lover! Each month they will receive either one or two bottles of wine to sample. The wines come from small-production, California wineries from Paso Robles and Santa Barbara regions, and the person who receives this gift is going to be thrilled to try them. Give that special someone many relaxing evenings, gourmet picnics or fancy dinners with these amazing wines, and they will be thanking you for months to come.

This is the absolute perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a fine glass of wine, and it is something special that you can give them to show them that you know them well. Give the Cabernet Sauvignon of the Month Club and you will be giving a truly special gift. For the casual wine drinker to the expert with a fine palate, this gift is guaranteed to please.

A thoughtful gift for any tea lover.


Women around the world enjoy a cup of tea and if there is a special lady in your life that you want to give something special to, then we have the gift for you. This is a gift that can be given at any holiday such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and even Valentine’s Day. When you take into account the health benefits of tea, it’s a gift that shows you care about their health and well-being.

The Tea of the Month Club is a special way to give someone different flavors of tea, especially when you are not sure which kind they like. You can choose to give them one to two different flavors a month of loose leaf teas so they can enjoy a variety whenever they choose. With this gift subscription they get a different flavor or assortment each month and you can attach a gift note to go with it. You can even add a tea infuser to your gift, making it just a little bit extra.

With selections like green tea, white tea, black tea, flavored teas, oolong tea, herbal tea and roobois tea, these teas are all selected for their quality. So even the biggest tea aficionado or connoisseur will approve of this extra special gift. You can’t go wrong with tea for the tea lover. Send their senses on a Zen journey with this unique, fun gift.

A gift for the hiker, camper, traveler or health nut.

A gift for the hiker, camper, traveler or health nut.


When it comes to a great gift for this next gift giving season such as Christmas or a birthday, most gifts are something a person can enjoy only once. However, all that will change with the Trail Mix of the Month Club. It’s a gift that is not only convenient for those that are busy and are always on the go, but one that is also healthy.

A healthy, tasty gift for an adventurous friend, and one that keeps on giving for three months. Trail mix satisfies the snack food craving, while giving you a burst of energy and nutrients as well. This subscription includes trail mixes of different varieties allowing your friend or loved one an enjoyable treat that they can take on the go. It comes in re-sealable plastic bags so they can snack a little at a time or share with you as you hike a trail together.

Trail Mix of the Month Club is also great for a friend who travels frequently, or a family member who likes to go camping. Getting a great gift from someone doesn’t mean that you are nuts, but it does mean that it comes packed with healthy nuts, as well as fruit, fiber and wholesome goodness. Take all the guesswork out of selecting delicious trail mix with this club.

Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine


Health Benefits of Red Wine

Many people like to have a glass of wine or two to relax at night. Research has been shown that drinking a glass of red wine a day can help a person improve their health in numerous ways. Red wine contains antioxidants which lead to overall improved health These antioxidants, called flavonoids, reduce the risk of heart disease in 3 ways. They reduce LDL (bad cholesterol), increase HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce blood clotting.

People that drink red wine have 44% fewer colds a year then people that do not drink. Red wine is also good for the heart. This type of wine helps improve the count of red blood cells. Red wine also has polyphenols and resveratrol which help lower cholesterol levels. Red wine has also been shown to reduce the chances of developing certain cancers such as breast and prostate cancers.

In addition to all of the health benefits already mentioned red wine has anti-inflammatory properties which improve physical health and allow a person to become more active even as they age. Red wine when consumed in moderation has many health benefits and a drink a day will improve overall health. So consider a Red Wine of the Month gift subscription, and toast to a friend or family member’s health! The New Experiences Wine Club and the Red Wine Club are two great options.

Health Benefits of Drinking Tea


The health benefits of drinking tea are widely acknowledged today. While green tea carries more health benefits than other types of tea, black tea is still a great choice for people that prefer its taste. The antioxidants in green and black tea can help people lower their risks for cancer and heart disease. People that drink several cups of green tea daily will be able to make a significant amount of progress in safeguarding their health.

People that drink unsweetened green or black tea will often find that it improves their weight loss efforts. Tea doesn’t contain any calories, so people can quench their thirst and get the health benefits of drinking tea for free. There is also some evidence that drinking tea can improve a person’s metabolic rate, which will help bolster a person’s weight loss efforts. Seeing as how weight loss can also reduce a person’s risk of cancer and heart disease, the health benefits of drinking tea only increase.

Specific types of tea also come with unique health benefits. For example, green tea is good for your eyes. A 2010 study found that green tea can positively affect the tissue of the eyes and retinas. White tea has a high polyphenol count which help strengthen elastin and collagen, and a 2011 study showed that white tea helps with joint mobility. So white tea makes you feel better and look better! And black tea can help reduce stress levels, and lower stress levels mean lower blood pressure.

So consider the Tea of the Month Club as a gift for a tea lover. It’s a gift that they will enjoy and one that is good for them, too.