Steak of the Month Club

Prime Steak

Are you searching for a great gift for someone who loves gourmet food? How about the friend who prides themselves on being a carnivore? Is your family member a big fan of cooking, and of delicious, top-quality steaks?

With the Steak of the Month Club, the person who you give the subscription will receive a variety of amazing steaks each month, and their mouth will be watering as they cook up these tasty cuts of beef. The steaks you will receive are top 1% Prime steaks which means you will receive only the very best. You’ll even receive a jar of sauce or rub to perfect your meal. Varieties of steaks they will receive include filet, rib eye, and strip loin.

Whatever the occasion for giving this gift, it is sure to be received with a big smile. Purchase this for someone today and you will make their day – more than once! They will be thanking you every time they receive a shipment of new steaks, and, if they’re feeling generous, they just might invite you over to try one. That expensive steak dinner out is no longer necessary with this gift that lets you enjoy gourmet steak night in the comfort of your own home.