Go Nuts for the Pistachio of the Month Club


It’s hard to always find the right gift for every person on your gift list, especially when you are searching for special presents that they will love. The Pistachio of the Month Club is the ultimate, most delicious gift that you could give to any nut lover! The present is tasty and unique, and it will have the special person on your gift list bragging you up as someone who shops for truly great gifts.

Give this amazing subscription for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, a birthday gift, or anything in-between. Give a friend or family member the gift of a healthy, gourmet food snack.

The receiver will get one or two bags of gourmet pistachios each month in a variety of flavors like garlic, salted and smoky pistachios. This snack is not only unique and tasty, but it is also healthy and convenient, and anyone who receives it is going to love it—and love you for giving it to them!